Ravilla Gardens is a prestigious new project from Venkateswara Estates & Land Developments, a project which became the talk-of-the-new capital city AMARAVATHI even before it was being launched. The project includes several residential plots in a gated, well-maintained property near Guntur City. The project promises to become the new Capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Ravilla Gardens is coming up in a land area of 100 acres which is part of a huge land bank under Venkateswara Estates &Land Developments. All amenities that are crucial to a proper gated community, such as open plots, villas, apartments, individual houses, clubhouse, cafeteria spaces, playground, children’ parks etc., are available at Ravilla Gardens. There are wide blacktop roads through the entire stretch of the property which is only a stone’s throw away from the National Highway and Outer Ring Road. Know about the other specialties of the project in the following pages.

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